Twenty years ago, when I was in my 30’s, I wanted to get married. I knew what I wanted in a wife, and I knew what I needed in a life-long partner. I had done the work. I was frustrated that it seemed like I couldn’t find my type of woman anywhere! I was still relatively new to North Carolina (2005), so I didn’t know many people in the area.

I was 31yo when I first entered the six-figure-income class. I owned two homes, one here in Raleigh and another back in Atlanta. I met the height threshold of 6′ tall that most women say they require. I had no babies or baby-mama-drama. I had never been married before. I drove a nice car. I had a cool motorcycle. I was in Church every week. I was not the ugliest man on the block. And, although I was introverted by nature, I had no shortage of confidence. In my opinion, I was they guy many women were looking for. I looked terrific on paper!

I knew other men like me were out there in the world, and I set out to find them. I figured if I could stack a crowd of quality men together, the quality women would flock like seagulls to a box of crackers. This is when I first got interested in matchmaking.

I set out to find some quality men. A big problem, I knew how to connect with women, but I had NO idea how to connect with men! As a man, walking up to other men and asking, “Hey, are you single?” was a bad idea, a VERY bad idea!

Nonetheless, the matchmaking bug hit me. I figured if I worked really hard at helping others find each other, it would expose me to more quality women, and I would get lucky and find my person too. There is so much more to the story, but that is how it all began…