Most people I encounter have heard of a matchmaker, and they’ve conjured up a romanticized idea of what it means based on what they’ve seen in movies. A matchmaker’s job is to find qualified candidates for dating and relationships and make quality introductions. Most matchmakers are dating and relationship coaches as well. 

We want our clients to be successful in dating and go on to have happy, fulfilling, and long-term relationships. So, making a quality introduction is just a starting point. Effective coaching can arm you with a productive attitude and perspective on dating. Effective coaching can equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to realize success in your relationship once you find it. “Really? Is matchmaking a real thing?” I get that question a lot when I am out and about. The average person doesn’t recognize matchmaking as a legitimate vocation. Matchmaking has become a big industry, but it is still unregulated. 

To mitigate the lack of regulation, The Matchmaking Institute was founded almost 20 years ago in 2003. The Matchmaking Institute is an industry-recognized organization that provides training, resources, a code of ethics, quality standards, and a community network. Unless you are entirely new to matchmaking, the Matchmaking Certification won’t necessarily make you a better matchmaker. However, the MMI certification will legitimize you and open up doors that would otherwise be closed off to you.