Some of the worse dating and relationship advice comes from self-proclaimed experts and relationship gurus on social media platforms. You would be surprised at the number of people who wake up one day with their own theories, prospectives, opinions and self-truths and pawn them off on the world under the guise of being an expert in the field dating and relationships. Much of the advice is given from a source of cynicism, conjecture and collective illusions, as opposed to an objective lense of science, education, research, academic studies, and personal experience.

On the other hand, there is also really good advice on dating and relationship shared by some highly educated and/or highly experienced people in the field. The problem is even the most astute individuals looking for guidance on dating and relationships cannot tell the difference between the two.

It’s been almost 7 years now since began working in the love industry as a matchmaker and relationship consultant. I’ve had access to some of the biggest thought leaders in the industry like Logan Ury, Paul Brunson, and Helen Fisher to name a few. I’ve had opportunities to work with and collaborate with some biggest celebrity matchmakers, executive matchmakers, and executive matchmakers in the space. Here are some things that’ve I’ve learned and concluded over the years. Being married does not make you a good matchmaker, nor does being single make you a bad matchmaker. 

I personally think that having the experience of a long-term, meaningful and healthy relationship goes a long way in helping others on their journey. However, the idea of natural talent, and wisdom is real. I can think of two of the most notable industry professionals, and neither have ever been married. Now, with that being said, I can also admit that I don’t subscribe to 100% of their ideas. There are some blind spots. But what would you expect? You cannot know some things until you experience them yourself.